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Hey, a lot of agencies promise you “Good” content that’s grammatically correct AND has some coherent words. We at TextHopper combine state-of-the-art communication and our wealth of experience with expert storytelling to give you articles and blog posts that walk the walk, talk the talk, and earn you bucks!

Do you own a small business? Perhaps, you have a large enterprise to look after? TextHopper, with its team of expert writers, has your backs.

We take pride in taking in limited number of projects, writing engaging content, and keeping a check on your content costs. Yup, we can even take on and beat the best copywriting service providers in this regard.

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  • website content
    Website Content

    Our team of writers are always at hand to craft “No Nonsense” content that grants your website a new look.

  • seo articles
    SEO Articles

    TextHopper Team will deliver Engaging, Authentic, SEO Optimized Articles that carry a “Unique Tone.”

  • blog post
    Blog Posts

    Want to interact with your audiences? You can! Leverage our story-driven blog posts for better engagement.

  • affiliate content
    Affiliate Marketing Content

    TextHopper prides itself in writing natural, conversion-focused reviews, comparisons & How to Guides


TextHopper Takes Pride in Smart Editing: Word by Word

TextHopper Takes Pride in Smart Editing: Word by Word

Our writers don’t simply write your pieces and call it a day. In fact, we edit each word we write to make sure they are grammatically correct, trendy, meaningful, and convey the exact message that you want.

You guessed it right! We have an editorial team that can handle editing requests for existing contents as well. Don’t worry, we know each article is different from the other and can have different target audiences. That’s why we take a site-by-site approach while editing instead of a more “General” one.

Just hand us the editing requirements, brief us about the project, the industry you’re working on and you’re done! TextHopper.com will take care of the rest. You’ll have your piece ready by the deadline!

What’s good about our editing service is the fact that you can fine tune our prices according to the level of editing your piece requires. We’re flexible, affordable, and are willing to go the extra mile as well!

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How it Works

Text Hopper is a content writing company. We bridge the gap between clients, good research, and quality article writers within budget. Our clients discuss, order, track, and receive articles on time. They are in control! 

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With Text Hopper, clients can do so much more than ordering and getting the type of content they want!


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Our writers will tick every box in the list from Grammar to spontineity. You'll be in the loop every step of the way.


Check with us in Real-Time

Our clients are free to check how we do things at any given time. We're more than willing to give you an over-the-shoulder look. 


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We take pride in delivering the articles on time, every time. We'll notify you once we have your article(s) ready!

Md. Hasnatuzzaman

10+ years of experience in creative writing, sales page, blog posts, and editing.

Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Asfi Azad Somoy

Expert in Data Analysis, Research and formatting several content types.

Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Maesha Mariam Syed

An experienced content writer who specializes in SOPs

Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Samin M Asir

An Experienced editor who can handle a challenge like nobody's business!

Chittagong, Bangladesh

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