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Internet is constantly Evolving. You'll find more websites today than you did yesterday. All of them depend on content that's ever-changing, well-written, and tells a story! We pride ourselves in delivering quality articles, blog posts, sales pitches, etc. within reasonable TAT and rates.

We write articles that your readers will be reading tomorrow, not today! We won't churn out blog posts like content mills. Rather we'll research, write, proofread, and edit your pieces. At the end of the day, they'll hook your readers up and make them do what YOU want them to do. That is, to make you some money!

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How We Take Care of Things at TextHopper

Step 1

Contact Us!

Our clients contact us with their request and estimations

Step 2

Brief & Order

YOU will brief us about the project and order content

Step 3

Writing Phase

We'll brief our writers on the project and they'll write

Step 4

We Edit

Writer will edit each content twice before editor takes over

Step 5


We put each article through the ringer one final time!

Step 6


TextHopper guys contact clients and hand article(s) over

Our Commitment to the Clients!

Our Team Prioritizes on Proper Research!

We know where content writing begins. Like everything else, a perfect piece of content begins with perfect research. And we do just that! In fact, we have dedicated data analyst at work to make sure your article is technically perfect and has solid information! Then, all a writer needs to do is to put everything on paper to complete the puzzle!


The Best Content Writers at the Best Price!

We're not bragging! TextHopper is a small team of writers with more than 18 years of experience between them. Our wordsmiths know how to putĀ  the research into words. We're story-tellers who write with the best pieces that bring in leads, conversions, engagement, and sales. When and where it matters the most.

Editing is the Key Part of Our Commitment!

What people fail to realize is, even the best content writers are only human. They will utilize the research, spend hours to put it in meticulous words. Even then, they'll make mistakes. Don't worry. TextHopper has you covered! We manually edit each article our writers write before submitting it to you!


TextHopper Keeps Track of Its Content!

At TextHopper, we take our job seriously. That's why even after researching, writing, and editing your articles... we're not done! We'll work with you hand-in-hand to track the results our articles bring. We'll measure positives and shortcomings to make sure we do better in the future! Yes, even in failure, we take responsibility and keep our chin up!

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